How ‘Ponch’ got started with Rain or Shine Landscape

Porch Pro Stories: How “Ponch” got started with Rain or Shine Landscape

It is landscaping, it is the Pacific Northwest and we do get wet. We do get cold, but there is something. If you can just hang on and see the beauty that’s there. It is worth it!

My name is Greg Hartley. I prefer to go by Ponch. I started Rain or Shine Landscape Maintenance about 12 years ago after being a copier repair guy. I was getting burned out on driving around the city and I wanted to get outdoors and do something. I had an opportunity to go on with my wife at the time, her uncle’s company. [After the first day] I was beat! My body was just destroyed and I’d never been more physically wrecked. It was the best feeling because the customer was so happy with what we’d done. To see their face saying, “Oh my, we didn’t even know that even existed there in our yard.” It just appeared after our work. That was huge. And then I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

I love that creation process. I’ve got this thing I call ATD. Attention to Detail. If you don’t have ATD then you don’t have anything. When we are really paying attention and giving that quality work, that speaks for itself. After [my crew is] done going through a yard. I go through and I walk the property as if I am the homeowner and I look for things that I would notice and make sure that it looks as pristine as possible.

I have big dreams. I know that expansion is the only way to get there. I appreciate what Porch is providing for small guys like myself. Within hours my phone was exploding with emails with contact information and it hasn’t stopped since. I tell contractors about my experience with Porch because it’s been such a positive experience.

My name is Greg “Ponch” Hartley and I’m a Porch Pro.

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