Real Estate Listing Yard and Landscape Cleanup

“I believe that taking time to invest in cleaning of a property before it is listed is of value to a homeowner or listing agent. We have worked with realtors on a number of listings. On one occasion the house had been listed for a couple of months. We were called in to clean things up. We mowed, weeded, pruned back and removed plants that had become too big. When we completed that we applied a layer of fine black mulch. It made such a huge difference. It was only another week or so and the house sold.

Another benefit for doing this is for the listing photos. When the grounds are noticeably maintained, the house really stands out.

I want the buyer to focus on the house and by having a maintained/groomed yard they are able to. It removes the thought of having to add cleaning up the yard either as they move in or shortly there after. They can focus on buying the house and moving in, making their home.”


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