How to Store Garden Tools and Equipment for the Winter

How to Store Garden Tools and Equipment for the Winter

Hi Everybody!
This is Ponch with Rain or shine Landscape. Welcome back to another installment of tips and tricks to do for all your needs here in the Pacific Northwest. I want to let you know what to do this time of year.

A little bonus tip here: Since you are not going to be mowing through the wintertime, this is a good time to start storing your power equipment. I would pressure wash the underside of the mower, start cleaning off the grass clippings from the edgers. It’s a good time to clean up the rakes and the shovels. Apply a little oil so that they don’t rust out. You can spray everything down with some good silicone spray and store them for the winter and they will be all ready to go come springtime. Use some fuel stabilizers if you are going to keep fuel in the gas cans. All this can be found at your local hardware store. Or . . .

You can give us a call at Rain or Shine Landscape Maintenance at 206-779-3512 located here in the Seattle Area. Have a great winter and we will talk to you real soon.

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