How to Winterize Lawn and Garden and Prepare For Spring Planting

How to Winterize Lawn and Garden and Prepare For Spring Planting

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This is Ponch with Rain or shine Landscape. Welcome back to another installment of tips and tricks to do for all your needs here in the Pacific Northwest. I want to let you know what to do this time of year.

Next thing I’d like to let you know to do this time of year is that it is a good time to start winterizing lawns and garden beds. There are some really good fertilizers that will give just the right amount of nutrients so when spring comes along they will have those nutrients for the root systems ready to go.

This is also a really great time to start transplanting plant material that is already established in the yard. Everything has gone dormant and doesn’t feel stressed, doesn’t know it’s being moved. If you have a plan and want to move a tree or shrub to another part of the yard, this is a great time to do that. Remember to use burlap around the root balls so it doesn’t fall apart when you are transporting it to its new location.

This is a great time while you are doing that transplanting to start looking at the yard and planning what you want to do for the springtime. I know it’s a few months away. Nothing like the present time to get started on that plan! You can start to get some pictures. Start cutting out some photos from magazines and start laying things out. There are some really good programs out there you can get for your phone or tablet or device. You can download a lot of the apps for free and you can upload photos and design as you go and really manipulate it to something that you want to see and get a 3-D image of what it would look like before it actually happens.

You can give us a call at Rain or Shine Landscape Maintenance at 206-779-3512 located here in the Seattle Area. Have a great winter and we will talk to you real soon.

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